Today I’d like to showcase the wood beads from True Beadz as well as the True Bridge silver bead that will be coming out November 7th. The True Bridge is the same size as the 2016 Anniversary Bead. It will be $45 USD. I love the little bricks on it and it makes me think of Charles Bridge in Prague!

Here you can see them together, with two True Touch Sky Blues and a Cocobolo wood bead. 

It also makes a nice centrepiece for a simple bangle. Left to right are True Touch Lilac, Dragon Eyes Mystery, Dancing Fairies Stream and True Taste Lilac. 

The Anniversary Bead for 2017 is $100 USD and is quite hefty. I’ve put it with some True Taste beads in Linen, Sky Blue, Lilac and Shadow. 

There are already three wood beads in the True Beadz catalogue and Olive will be the new one. It’s the lightest coloured on on the left, then we have Rosewood, Cocobolo and Bocote. They cost $40 USD each. I have seen a couple of oboes made of Rosewood and my goodness they were gorgeous. What’s fabulous about these wood beads is that there’s not piles of varnish on them, so you can really see and feel the texture. They are so smooth and give a lovely organic look to a bracelet. 

Here is Bocote with some white beads and I really love this look! The silver beads are both called The Wheel of Time, then we have a True Touch Siberia and True Taste Siberia. I must make this up again to wear this week. 😍 A great add on would be the Ohm Beads Hot Chocolate bead on a different bangle. 

Lastly, is the bracelet which uses three beads which aren’t released yet, sorry! And I bought some Marmor beads to give as gifts but now have decided to keep them for myself! This is an evil bracelet! Plus the logo bead is upside down in this picture-good grief! Anyway, the Fire Bird Dangle is available, just not those gorgeous grey-blue beads. I have it on good authority that they will be in a future release though. What I really like about this bracelet is the combination of textures with the shiny glass, matte wood and then all the silver. 

Does anyone have some of the True Wood beads in their collection? I’m going to look through social media sites to see how others have been using them. 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.