Available November 24, the Trollbeads Shimmer Royal is a limited edition faceted glass bead that will cost $56 USD/ $74 CAD. I think it’s absolutely stunning-such a rich colour and it does make me think of velvet that a queen would wear on a robe. 

Straight away let’s start with a photo of it with the blue bead from the Wishful Sky Bracelet. I put a Saffron Facet bead in between them, with a couple of Sunbeam Spacers. There is no editing whatsoever to this photo, so these are the absolute true colours in natural light. Having said that, I believe the stock images of the bead do show some variation in the colour although we won’t really know until more live images start to appear. If any retailers have them, feel free to let us know if they vary! 

I really like the Shimmer Royal with red. These are a couple of beads from last year’s Wish and Kisses Kit and then two Gold Silver Trace beads. And yes, that’s real snow. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Keeping with the red, this bangle has the Saffron Facet, the Diamond Bead/White, the bead from the Feel Good Bracelet and a Unique. 

Next is a paler yellow set and I’m not sure about this one as the Shimmer Royal is such a striking bead. I think this would have worked better if it had had two Amber Violets instead of one flower bead plus the Amber bead. 🤔

I do really like it with these beads from the Mysterious Ways Kit. Left to right are Rainbow Bridge, Violet Stripe, Shimmer Royal, Wise Bamboo and Graceful Sky. I think this is my favourite combo of all the ones I tried and someday I’ll expand on it adding in some silver beads. 

Two more photos are left and this one shows how perfect this bead is just on its own.

Lastly, here’s a full bracelet using some beads I thought might look good together. The Blue Fizz (bumpy bead on the right) goes really well with the Shimmer Royal, as it has a purple core with a blue glass overlay. I also really love the unique to the right of the Shimmer Royal and if I end up buying another one, then I’ll wear the unique in between them. 

So, that’s it for today. I hope this was helpful for deciding whether or not you want to get one when they come out for Black Friday. I particularly love Shimmer Royal with other jewel toned beads but even by itself it’s a real beauty. Do let me know how you like it best or how you think it will fit in with your collection!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.