The Redbalifrog Yule Love collection consists of five silver pieces, one of which is a Christmas ornament. My favourite piece is the Pine Cone, as it makes me think of walking through a forest with some snow lightly falling down. The price is $37 USD. Redbalifrog beads have a large core so are compatible with most bracelet systems.

Keeping with the outdoors theme, there is a Rustic Christmas Tree, costing $37 USD.

Next are a pair of delightful Christmas Elf Boots that are joined together, costing $37 USD.

The last of the four beads is called Matryoshka at Christmas, costing $37 USD. I love the little kerchief on her head!

The Christmas ornament is simply gorgeous. What an exquisite piece of silver! I absolutely adore the detail on the dove and the message of peace. The cost is $115 USD. It’s 5.5 cm across!

Here is the back of it, with a special engraving.

To get an idea of the size of the beads I made up a bracelet using Redbalifrog silver beads and Trollbeads glass.

I want to remind people of some of the other fabulous Christmas beads, including my all time favourite, the Gingerbread House with Snowflake. At only $37 USD I think it’s an absolute bargain.

One of my other older favourites is Icy the Snowman, also at $37 USD.

So, when I was trying out the beads I really liked Rustic Christmas Tree best on a necklace. The Redbalifrog stoppers on the bangle below are called Snowflake and are just perfect for the winter.

I also like the Christmas Elf Boots on a necklace!

Or, both pieces even work this way.

Lastly, here’s an all silver Redbalifrog bracelet, showing some of the other older Christmas beads. I will be using the Dove of Peace, Shaman’s Bell, Angel Brite, Pomegranate and Cardinal this holiday season.

Do take a look at the Redbalifrog website to see all of the holiday beads. They really are quite fantastic and represent such a good value, in my opinion. I often think how I can buy two Redbalifrog beads for the price of one Pandora bead, these days. Actually, I recently bought a couple of Redbalifrog Turquoise stones from Diamonds4Ever all because of dear reader Suzanne. 😀 (See our conversation on the previous blog post.)

I will be looking forward to seeing which beads people buy this season. Do you have a personal favourite? And will the ornament be the start of a new collection for you?

sclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.