May 18th will see the release of a small Trollbeads collection featuring one glass bead, a lock and five silver beads.

Perfectly suited to the summer, the Crab Lock has been receiving a lot of buzz on social media. The Crab Lock was designed by Kristian Krysfeldt and is $65 USD.

Not all paths go straight forward. Sometimes try to make your way sideways.

The Ocean Voice bead, like the other silver beads, was designed by Søren Nielsen and is $55 USD.

Listen carefully and hear the whisper of the ocean.

The Hiding Conch Bead is $35 USD. Quite frankly, I think these prices are really good for these beads as they are quite substantial and have a lot of detail.

Gently floating on top of the seaweed, the tiny home of the hermit crab has become a room with a view.

The Love Conch Bead is my personal favourite. It’s $45 USD. The details are quite amazing.

Happiness is finding love in each other in the big ocean.

The Ripples Bead is one of those fantastic small, abstract designs that looks so wonderful in multiples. It’s $35 USD.

Joyful moments come in waves. Be sure to catch them.

The last of the silver beads is called Seagrass and it’s also one which would be super useful in a pair or multiples. It’s $25 USD.

Firmly anchored and yet elegantly swaying from side to side, the seagrass gracefully follows the movements of the ocean.

The glass bead is a re-visit of Deep Ocean from a couple of years ago. This version is called Blue Ocean and it’s the same size. Designed by by Nozomi Kaji, it’s a Limited Edition release and costs $95 USD.

Let it stir your heart and fuel your imagination. The Blue Ocean is a place of life and true beauty.

That’s it! I’ll leave you with some more photos that I took at the beach. It’s was chilly and cloudy, but so nice to get back there again after what seemed to be an eternally long winter. There’s also a video up on YouTube, along with quite a few others. Please leave a comment and let me know if there are any pieces you’ll be getting from this collection. The glass beads are from the Delicate Kit, so pretty and pink!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.