The Ohm Beads Peach silver bead will be coming out June 5. I absolutely love the brushed finish, the stem and the leaves. It’s such a great size, too and makes a perfect focal point. There were quite a few comments on my Instagram the other day regarding the shape. It is a tad suggestive, but that’s part of the charm! I looked around for some peach coloured glass but the closest I could find were these RosΓ© Champagne ones that I bought in Anne Gautier’s shop. Here I’ve put them with the Ohm Jar and Cupcake.

The Pink Prisms from Trollbeads also work well as they are a pinky peach.

This Peach will fit Pandora bracelets as shown below.

The reverse side is smooth as seen in this YouTube video.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at this Peach from Ohm Beads. It makes me smile to look at it and I hope some of of you like it, too!