Today I’ve got some picture of the lovely Ohm Beads Baby Glass collection, available at retailers in Europe. It pairs nicely with the silver Ohm Beads Baby collection, which I showed a couple of years ago on a blog post here. Left to right are Purple-wish, Mint-wish, Cradle Me, Blue-wish and Pink-wish. The glass beads each cost €39.

The Purple-wish is my favourite, of course. I love how the white and purple swirl around. It’s shown below with the Star Bijou exclusive Lovely Hearts Gold Exclusive Limited Edition. (€142)

The Mint-wish is such a fresh, minty green.

Pink-wish is very soft and delicate. (At least this one is!)

I’ve been using Blue-wish quite a bit, lately. That’s my Jurassic Park bracelet below.

Ultimately I wanted to show the glass with the original silver Baby beads. I also added in my Cold Milk beads. I still absolutely love the pacifier, called Mouthful. The cute baby bundle is called Special Delivery.

Here’s a better look at Motherhood and Shake Rattle and Roll.

I did a quick search to see who had these beads in stock, although this will change. If you are in the EU you can order from Ohmbeads Europe or Star Bijou appears to have some of the green ones and Anne Gautier’s shop in France appears to have them all. (Those are the only places I checked.) I bought from her before and the package didn’t take long to arrive at all. I really love these pale glass beads. Are you tempted by any of them?