In a couple of days we are embarking on an adventure that will take us to Singapore, Vietnam and Australia. Trying to decide what beads to take along is very tricky! On one hand, I will likely be fairly sweaty and disgusting, but I do like to wear a bracelet every day and the photo opportunities will be awesome! When Trisha and I went to that event at the Trollbeads Store in Michigan, we each got one of those blue boxes that zip up. It has two rods inside and then a place for rings and bangles. I’ve also placed a polishing cloth inside, because sometimes for me silver tarnishes really quickly in humid climates. Here’s what I started with for packing.

I’m taking Coral Wave and Peach Flower. I chose these ones because I think the colours will really pop in Singapore, at the magnificent Gardens by the Bay.

For Vietnam, I was picturing the lush greenery of the Mekong Delta and could see a Labradorite Stone looking like it fit right in. I have always admired them on Instagram and could barely contain my excitement when I saw this one from Trollbeads USA. The flash is so beautiful.

Also for Vietnam is the Head of Buddha as we will be visiting a few temples. The calmness on the face might also be good for the airplane rides.

With the Trollbeads World Tour Collection being available again, I thought the Barrier Reef Bead and Aboriginal Rock Art Bead would look perfect on a Single Leather Bracelet in Black.

The silver bead is different on each side

Here are the beads on the rods so it’s easier to see the relative sizes. After I took these pictures it occurred to me there were no purple beads. Good grief! I later added the gorgeous unique I bought on our road trip.

So that’s it, that’s all the Trollbeads I’m taking. I plan to buy one in Singapore and maybe one in Vietnam. Otherwise it’s going to be mixing and matching for almost a month. I had a chance to play with the Labradorite and here I think it looks lovely with two Pink Quartz Beads, a Milky Quartz Bead and a Strawberry Quartz Bead.

Next I tried a random sort of bangle. I really like the Shield Bead these days. I’m not sure why, maybe it adds some contrast to the smoothness of the bangle.

Thanks for joining me for my thought process behind these choices. I’ll be posting (overposting) pictures on Instagram on my three accounts: @marthnickbeads, @marthnick and @marthnicktravel.

What do you like to take with you on trips? Or do you just go beadless and take a break?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.