Although we are just one week into our trip, I wanted to share some photos as we’ve seen some amazing sights. The very first day I went to the Trollbeads store in Singapore and had the good fortune of briefly meeting @2inchg from Instagram! That’s her beautiful bracelet on the right and on the left is the lovely Winnie who works in the store.

I had plans to buy one bead, but bought two. I mean, how could I just buy one? πŸ˜€ I found a pretty unique and then bought an Aurora Stripe.

The next day we walked down to see the Merlion and the one from Ohm Beads is a perfect match!

Next we walked over to the fabulous Gardens by the Bay. It’s one of my all time favourite places because I think the Supertrees look so futuristic!

They made a great backdrop for the Coral Wave and Peach Flower beads from Trollbeads.

I tried the Strawberry Quartz there too.

You can take an elevator up a Skytree and then go for a walk along the Skyway. It’s definitely not a good idea for anyone afraid of heights!

I held my breath to take this photo up there, of a bangle using the Redbalifrog Frangipani stoppers and a True Beadz True Taste Sunflower Bead.

Here’s what the Skytrees look like close up. All the greenery is growing up the metal structures.

The next day we went back and I spied some amazing flowers to go with the same Trollbeads from the day before. The middle one is a unique.

We bought tickets to go into the Cloud Forest Dome and it was absolutely incredible. I’ve never seen such beautiful flowers!

Like at the Skytrees, you take an elevator up and then walk along only this time the path winds its way down.

Over to Vietnam now, where we spent a day touring around Hanoi. This is the One Pillar Pagoda in the background, with an all Trollbeads bracelet.

Next we drove up to Sapa, in the northwest. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and we went there to do some trekking along the rice terraces. I’ve got to say I really like how the Trollbeads Feldspar Moonstone looks here, colour wise.

The Diamond Bead, Pink really pops against the green!

Naturally, the Spirit of Vietnam and Lotus Flower from Spiritbeads needed to make an appearance.

Finally, a True Beadz and Spiritbeads combo were what I wore today.

So, we are still here for another 6 days with Halong Bay and Saigon still to come. I will likely be going to a Trollbeads store the day the Asian Exclusive Weaver Girl launches, so hopefully I can get one as a souvenir! Do check out April’s blog post on it if you haven’t already.

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.