I’m honoured to have been invited to the Ohm Beads party at the end of the month, to help celebrate their 10th anniversary. It’s in New Orleans, USA and lots of events are planned. It’s not so much a bead event for buying, as a time to get together with other bead lovers, artists and the Ohm team. Today I sat down to think about what beads to take along.

Glass beads are what initially attracted me to Ohm Beads.

I remember seeing the Cascades of Color Collection years ago and falling in love with them. I bought In the Koi Pond and really love it (below, second bead from right). Since it was one of my first Ohm Beads I decided to choose a few more beads to go with it. I made an error in not taking enough beads that match each other on my recent trip. Live and learn! In the Koi Pond is also special to me as I lost it for about a year at one point! I took it to Disney World and must have been playing with it in the car, as when we got home I couldn’t find it but then found it a whole year later!

The other bead in the above picture that has a special meaning for me is on the left, called Year of the Horse. I remember when Ohm Beads opened a website for Canada. I started browsing and saw the the prices ranged from a few cents to millions of dollars! There was obviously some sort of glitch, so I emailed them to let them know. To say thanks they sent me a coupon for $5 off and I bought the Year of the Horse bead!

The orange bead second from the left was also one I collected early on and it’s called Live Your Fantasy, from the Six Pack Collection. I love how it looks from the side.

And in the sun…

To round out this colour grouping I’ve added in the Dragon’s Breath (middle, two photos above) that I bought from a Perlen event and then on the end is the Ganges bead from the Rivers of Life Collection. I do wish I had bought more from that collection as I really like them.

The next colour group I chose was purple, of course. The beads on either end are both called Purple Haze and I use them all the time. I love how they appear differently in every picture, as they change so much with the light. Second from the left is Purple-wish and I think it’s very pretty. The middle bead is Dreamscape and it’s also one that changes a lot with the light. The fourth bead is also from the Six Pack Collection and is called Get in Shape. Again, I’ve used it so much over the years and love how it’s a true grape soda colour.

Thirdly, I’ve packed the cube shape prototype beads I was lucky enough to receive. I did read there is not a timeline yet planned for production of these, but if you like them, go bug Mike at Ohm and maybe that will help make sure they get made πŸ˜€. I love the feel of them. On social media I’ve seen them in different colours. I find they add a lot of interest to a bracelet, due to their unusual shape.

Since this will be a short trip, I think that’s enough glass beads to take along. For silvers, I’m going with the new Meeting Notes, aka toilet paper. Having recently traveled in Southeast Asia, I got used to carrying some with me at all times. We take for granted here in North America that every public toilet stall will have toilet paper in it, but that’s not the case overseas. It’s definitely something you want to have on hand!

I’ll also take along The Office, aka an outhouse. I’ve used outhouses in National Parks quite a bit and at other campgrounds. It’s never really fun, but again, aren’t we lucky to even have bathrooms in our lives and not have to trot out to a field? The articulating door is adorable and I will show more details of it on Instagram in the coming days.

Other than that, I’m just going with Sock Monster, Ohm Gnome, the Live Bead and three Typos that spell out OHM.

Add in a bracelet, bangle, ring and necklace (not shown) and they all fit in neatly to this travel carry case.

So, I do hope to meet up with some of you at Ohm 10! I’ll post lots of pictures on Instagram and Facebook for those not going. In any case, I’d love to hear about any Ohm Beads that hold a special memory for you.

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.