Today’s blog post features the Ohm Beads BOTM for October called Magic Frog ($70 USD) and a lovely blue glass bead called Lily Pad ($45 USD). The Lily Pad glass bead, out October 4th, is a regular collection bead, not limited edition. Yay for that!! It is such a vibrant blue and I think the little green lily pad is very sweetly done. There are 3 of them on the bead, equally spaced. It looks wonderful with Green Crack beside it. To the right of Green Crack is my upcoming collaboration bead with Ohm called Lilac Rain. I’ll do a blog post on it next week as it will be for sale on October 12th.

I made an almost all glass bracelet using some of my older Ohm Beads. I was buying them back before they switched to the barrel shape!

The Magic Frog has such a cute face and fits in well with the Lily Pad. On either end of the bangle are Lilac Rains and then one of my all time favourites, Jiangshi, to balance things out.

I’m not sure why, but I always find little frog bums to be so adorable.

I love how the eyes are done.

So, October 4th is when Lily Pad and Magic Frog are released. Probably some people have already pre-ordered them. Let me know if you have! Also, what other beadmail are you waiting for? I bought one of those white Ohm Beads with the silver stripe during the Bead Bash and also bought the two new colours of X Links so am waiting for those.

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples.