The Sweet Harvest collection from Redbalifrog consists of five pieces. There’s a bangle, lock and three beads. They are so sweet! For each silver bead I have paired it up with a glass Ohm Bead, the Redbalifrog White Sea Pearl and the Redbalifrog Frangipani Stoppers, putting them all on the new Twirl Bangle in Brass ($44 USD).

My favourite is the Honey Pot ($44 USD). I love the writing on it and the little bee. I’ve been wearing it on a necklace and it sits up really nicely.

I also absolutely adore the Sweet Pea Flowers ($37 USD). The Cala Lily bead with its similar shape is one of my all time favourite Redbalifrog beads, so it’s no wonder I also love this one.

The Strawberry ($44 USD) is just delightful and a really great size.

The Fruit Bowl Lock ($75 USD) has some amazing details on it. I especially like the bananas since that’s my husband’s favourite fruit.

Lastly, let’s end off with a fruit and flowers bracelet. Do let me know if you have any favourites from this sweet collection!

Here’s a link to a YouTube video:

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples.