Start dreaming of the season of giving. The season of love and kindness. Winter is on its way and so and sweet traditions, family joy and happiness.

Previewing today with pre-ordering available at and a launch on Friday, November 2, here are some photos of the Trollbeads Winter Collection for 2018.

There are four faceted glass beads designed by Lise Aagaard and costing $55 USD each.

Red Twinkle- Get emotional with the colour of love. Red is for power, passion and desire.

Blue Twinkle- Enjoy the colour of the sky. Blue is for wisdom, freshness and purity.

Yellow Twinkle- Get warm by the colour of the sun. Yellow is for hope, joy and friendship.

Green Twinkle- Feel happy with the colour of nature. Green is for health, harmony and growth.

Also designed by Lise Aagaard is a new stone, Pyrite. It costs $65 USD.

The Pyrite makes a good companion piece to the Steel Hematite from the autumn collection. Here they are together. Pyrite is in the middle.

The Pyrite is very interesting as it looks quite different depending on the light and surrounding beads. Check it out below here, just to the left of the middle bead.

Blanket of Love is designed by Jytte Kløve. It’s $35 USD and also comes in gold.

Mette Saabye designed the Heart to Heart bead ($35 USD).

She also designed the Heart to Heart Pendant ($65 USD). There is room in the pendant for a bead. It’s so elegant!

There is a new bangle, also designed by Mette Saabye. It is heart shaped and costs $105 USD.

Below, the new bangle is the one on top, front right.

Here it’s the one on the left.

Kim Buck designed two new beads. Stardust is $45 USD.

Come Together is also $45 USD.

Now for my favourite pieces! These are designed by Ragnar R. Jørgensen. First there is a sweet Cookie Joy Ring which costs $55 USD.

Then there are two openwork style silver beads , with the most delightful cookie cutter shapes. On the left is More Cookie Joy ($55 USD) and on the right is Tiny Cookie Joy ($45 USD).

After pictures of the collection were leaked last week, a bead friend who runs the reference site for Trollbeads called WikiBeadia let me know that the pig shape is likely a nod to a Danish tradition of giving a gift of a marzipan pig at Christmas.

The individual cut outs are absolutely adorable.

They are perfect reminders of the times over the years when the kids helped make cookies. My favourite memory was when James bit the head off of each cookie when I had to take Patrick to the bathroom. LOL!!!

Here are a few pictures using beads from the new collection.

That’s it for today! I’d love to hear your thoughts! I think it’s good that this is a small collection so people aren’t overwhelmed with putting things on a wish list. For me the showstoppers are the cookie cutter pieces. I think I’ll also end up using the Heart to Heart Pendant quite a bit on necklaces.

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples.