There were quite a few new beads out from Ohm Beads this November and I have several to share today. There are three new glass beads ($50 USD each) that go together beautifully and they are regular collection beads. The yellow one is called Sunlight and it’s such a cheery shade of yellow. The gold foil in it really makes it seem to glow. The pink one is called Gilded Pink and then there is the stunning Sugared Foam which is easily my favourite.

I put the Gilded Pink with some baking themed beads as they made me think of that pink sanding sugar that you sometimes see on cookies.

The Sugared Foam beads are so pretty and here I’ve paired them with an older Ohm Bead called Sugar Sleigh Ride 2.0. Hang on because Christmas is only 6 weeks away!

In this combo I’ve put the Sunlight and Sugared Foam beads with two Lilac Dreams. I absolutely love how the yellow pops here.

Here’s one last shot of the Gilded Pink.

Next up is the whimsical Land Line bead ($130 USD) that has a moving dial!

I tried this in a few ways-with other beads, stoppers, etc., but ultimately I felt it sat the best for me on leather.

As you can see, the details and shape to this rotary phone are very realistic. I think it’s a great focal bead and doesn’t really need anything else to go with it. It’s going to have a permanent place on the leather and I hope the leather bracelets get released soon as I really like mine. Check out the photos below and take a peek at some of the numbers through the holes.

Lastly, I have the two beads ($45 USD each) released to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the armistice of World War One. Remember is a red glass bead and Poppy is a silver one.

The details on Poppy are really intricate.

Even though Remembrance Day (that’s what we call it in Canada) is over, this red is a great match for the previously released Strawberry bead.

That’s it for today! There have been quite a few new releases from Ohm Beads lately, so do take a look. Pretty soon it will be time for Beadmas, where Ohm Beads will be doing many giveaways on different platforms of social media daily from December 1-12. Santa’s been keeping a naughty and nice list! It will be lots of fun and I look forward to running several of the giveaways. As always, do let me know if any of these beads appeal to you!

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples.