Today I’ve got some photos of necklaces I made up using the Trollbeads Foxtail Chain Necklace. It comes in a variety of lengths, from 38cm to 80cm. The one pictured here is 70cm. It’s a chain just like the bracelet and as such you need a lock for it. I have been wearing it with just the beautiful Bohรชme Pendant. Really, together they suit me perfectly, as I think the pendant is so lovely that it doesn’t need anything else.

My favourite look using beads is this one here, which I’m going to call my ‘Old Fashioned Christmas Necklace’. This makes use of the Anemone Spacer that came out a couple of years ago with the tiara, remember that? Or maybe it came out with the Neck Bangle, I can’t remember. ๐Ÿค” Anyway, this is a nice way to use it, I think. I used two Lucky Knot silver beads on either side and I think that helped to visually give some space between the pendant and the glass beads. Also, those Life Circle beads are something I am using all the time as little spacers. Love them!

Next is a pretty pink and white combination that also uses pearls and Social Circle beads. The spacer that I’m using as a pendant is called Budding Pearl Spacer. It’s so pretty! The white beads are called Blizzard and then the pale pink ones are Rose Quartz beads.

Here is a flowery one using piles of pink beads. The first time I ever saw the Foxtail Chain Necklace was years ago when I was in Tokyo. One of the customers at a Trollbeads counter in a department store was the iconic @hmm7172 from Instagram who has the most incredible Trollbeads collection. She was wearing a super long necklace that was full of glass in the most beautiful cream and taupe colours. I couldn’t stop looking at it! I can’t recreate that, but I did use almost all my pink beads! In the middle I’ve used yet another spacer, this time the Two Hearts Spacer.

Lastly, here is my attempt at a ‘stations’ necklace, where you use spacers to divide the necklace into little stations.

I know lots of people have had this Chain Necklace for ages, but is there anyone thinking about getting one? I’ve had lots of fun playing with it and will take a look online to see what other pendants Trollbeads has. Next up will be a blog post on Friday with some combos using the Snowflake Obsidian Facet. Oh! Here are two of my favourite bracelets from the past week.

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples. Samples were provided by TrollbeadsUSA.