Today is Black Friday in the USA and Trollbeads has made a bead for the occasion called Snowflake Obsidian Facet ($65 USD). There are lots of variations to the bead but the one sent to me from TrollbeadsUSA is quite dark and I love it.

The first thing I tried was a simple bangle with the Bow Spacer and Sweet Berries Spacer.

Then I tried it with Neptune’s Promise. I think this is a bit of a modern look-very simple. The silver bead on the left is the new Come Together Bead.

Now building a bigger bangle, I went with a similar combination from a couple of weeks ago. On the left is the Steel Hematite and on the right is the Pyrite Bead. The blue one on the left is Ice Blue Bud and on the right is Traces.

Here is a pink and black combo, as this is a colour pairing I really love. The pinks bead L-R are Pink Delight Facet, Strawberry Quartz and Blossom Shade.

Lastly, here’s the combination I wore yesterday. I’ve hit on a formula that works for me in terms of comfort. With this length of chain, I now wear 9 glass beads and 4 silver beads. That allows for the underside of my wrist to lay flat on a desk, yet have pretty things to see on the top of my wrist. It’s tight enough so that it doesn’t flop around much.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these 5 different ways to wear the Snowflake Obsidian Facet Bead. There will be deals all weekend at so take a look if you’re thinking about buying this bead. Do let me know if you pick up anything in the sales. I’m tempted by some X Links and also by the Eastern Facet Kit at 60% off. I spent last evening texting girlfriends as we were all looking at the sales. πŸ˜€ Have a great weekend!

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples.