OHM has made some really cool dinosaur skull beads in the past and recently they came up with a silver Dragon Skull and some glass beads to go along with it. Much like the previous Rawr glass beads, they are a bit bigger than the regular OHM glass bead size. Let’s start with the Dragon Skull though, as it is an amazing piece of jewelry. The teeth are so fierce looking. I’m not a fan of human skull jewelry but this really caught my attention.

It hangs nicely on the OHM Ball Necklace. I’m going to wear it to work this week and hope it doesn’t scare the kiddies!

The glass has incredible texture to it. There’s been some confusion as to which is which so here is a primer from OHM.

My favourite is the Dragon Skin. Just look at this!

Here are some close ups of all three:

Dragon Skin

Dragon Bone

Dragon Blood

I immediately wanted to try them with the retired Rocky Beach Kit from Trollbeads as it also shouts texture. It’s quite a different look but I love it.

Here’s the whole bracelet.

Ultimately I’ve decided that for me, the Dragon Skull sits best on leather if I’m not using it as a necklace. The OHM Whip Bracelet is perfect. I made a video for YouTube that shows one way to put the leather bracelet on. Here’s the link:

With this bracelet I added in the old T-Rex skull and two Bollywood beads. It makes for a fun, casual look!

That’s all for today! I remember when the Rawr series was really popular so I’m thinking this might be popular also. By the way, OHM has updated their website and now you can shop by region. If you are in Canada like me, just hit the region for the United States. I tried it out and the shipping was calculated at the checkout. Do let me know if there are any dragon items on your list!

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples.