I’ve been waiting rather impatiently for this day as this collection is one where I literally like every piece. Check out Trollbeads.com for the full collection and prices. What I have today is lots of different combos featuring the new beads. The collection comes out January 25.

To start, the glass is what really made me love this collection. At first I thought my favourite kit would be the one with neutrals, called Sunrise Kit.

Below, left to right are Flowers of Elegance/ Drops of White/ White Tulips, Roots of Wisdom/ Flowers of Grace/ Dragonfly on Silk.

However, once I saw the green kit called Spirit & Hope Kit, it quickly became my favourite. Both kits were designed by Tenzin Phuntsok & Kalden Chopel.

I mean, look at the Roots of Spirit Bead. So gorgeous!

And the Green Tulips bead is so beautiful. I love the colour of it and the lines are so graceful and elegant.

Below left to right are Drops of Green/ Roots of Spirit/ Seeds of Hope/ Flowers of Hope/ Dragonfly in the Garden/ Green Tulips.

The two new stones are a Grey Moonstone…

…and a Green Adventurine.

This spring collection has several silver pieces designed by SΓΈren Nielsen. Here are the front and back of the Lush Meadow Pendant.

The Hanging Petals earrings are different on each side. Here is one with the Earring Hooks with Twirl…

…and this is with the Earring Hooks with Bud.

The Lush Meadow Lock is a good, chunky size, quite like the Carolina Jessamine Lock.

The Lush Meadow bead is super sweet.

Seed Pods is a nice abstract bead.

The String Spacer really shouts Danish design to me- clean and simple. It’s below, second from the right. On the left are the new Peacock Pearl and Savoy Knot, with the latter being designed by Mette Saabye.

Some of the other pieces designed by Mette Saabye are the Savoy Knot Lock…

…and the Friendship Knot.

The Savoy Knot Spacer is fairly large. I’ll mostly be using it in between beads as opposed to at the end of a bangle. It’s below, second from the left.

I really like the Savoy Knot Ring.

I think the Savoy Knot will be very popular. Here it is up close.

There are a few pieces designed by Louise Rimpler. Puddles is my favourite and you can use it in a couple of ways, as the holes are fairly large.

The Trunk of Treasure Spacer looks great at the end of a bracelet or bangle.

The slender Sea Shore bead (below, left) works well to cradle a bead. Clearly a pair would make sense.

Here are several miscellaneous photos! In a couple of weeks I’m going to play some more with the Sunrise Kit, but I did try a couple of things.

The Flowers of Elegance looks incredible with a Labradorite.

I really like the Grey Moonstone.

Lastly, here are a couple of more looks at the green/grey bracelet. I love it so much and didn’t want to take it apart. I’ll put a video up on YouTube showing it.

That’s it! I hope you have enjoyed seeing these combos and do let me know what you this of this collection!

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples.