Since we had a long weekend and I didn’t have any school work to do (yay!) I tried a couple of things with the Spirit & Hope Kit that is part of the Nature Art Collection from Here is a refresher as to what is in the kit:

Drops of Green/ Roots of Spirit/ Seeds of Hope/ Flowers of Hope/ Dragonfly in Garden/ Green Tulips

The Dragonfly in Garden is a natural fit with the Dancing Butterfly Spacers.

I made up five bangles using the kit, adding in an Emerald and a Green Adventurine.

I bought a Green Tulips so I’d have a pair as I think they are really lovely.

I quite like the Puddles silver bead in the middle of a bangle.

An older glass bead that fits in well with this kit is the Soulmates bead, front right.

Also, the Illusion Bead on the right works with the Dragonfly in Garden bead. In the middle the glass bead is called Blaze Stripe. Thank goodness Trollbeads has a ‘search beads by colour’ function otherwise there is no way I’d easily figure out what these beads are called.

Green always looks nice with purple, I think. Left to right the purple beads are Sea Anemone, Moonlight Bubbles and Lavender Stripe.

I like the Lovebirds bead with all the green beads.

The Troll Anemone Pendant is one of my all time favourite Trollbeads.

The Fantasy Necklace with Elf is a great carrier for green beads. The top silver bead is Violet of February and just above the Elf is the new Trunk of Treasures Spacer. I think I might actually just keep it there as it holds beads very nicely. All the kids at school love this necklace and their grubby little hands have been touching the elf, so I need to clean it!

That’s it for combos with the Spirit & Hope Kit! I wonder how it’s been selling as I think I see more people with beads from the Sunrise Kit, but what do I know? Leave a comment to let me know if you are a green lover or not!

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples.