On March 1st the lovely Hues of Wonder starter bracelet will be available from Trollbeads.com for $109 USD. For that you get the silver chain, silver bead, silver lock and Murano Glass bead.

Here’s a video of the lock. I think it’s really gorgeous, but then again, I do love flowers.

The glass bead is soft green and dusty rose.

While this bracelet is perfectly sweet on its own, I decided to try a full bracelet based on the colours of the Hues of Wonder glass bead.

Below left to right are Spring Leaves, Rainbow Bridge (I think!), the silver flower bead that came with the Vine of Dreams Bracelet, Pink Gold Bead, Pastel Flower, Lovers Faith, Grey Moonstone and Florence.

Left to right after Florence are a Ruby Rock, Violet of February, the Hues of Wonder glass bead, Soul of Waves, the Hues of Wonder silver bead, Blue Desert and another Spring Leaves.

Check out the back of the Violet of February silver bead, to the left of the Ruby Rock. I quite like the little leaves.

The Fantasy Necklace with Elf goes so nicely with the Hues of Wonder Bracelet. Trollbeads does nature themes so beautifully, in my opinion.

Here’s a video of the necklace so you can see it properly. I’ve wanted it for years, ever since I saw a sales lady wearing it at a Trollbeads store in Singapore. That was the first time I ever saw a Fantasy Necklace.

Ok, that’s all for today. This bracelet is a great deal, in my opinion and a perfect one for anybody starting out with Trollbeads. I’d love to know if anyone plans to get it!

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples.