I am so happy that there will be some new additions to the regular collection line of True Beadz! After the massive retirement of beads a while back I know people have been waiting for some new regular collection colours and these ones are so beautiful.

There are 3 glass beads and 1 silver bead. The silver is called True New Beginning and will be $65 USD. It is best seen in a video as there are details all around it.

The two solid colour glass beads ($40 USD) are quite luminous. The third glass bead, True Moss ($45 USD) varies quite a bit, due to how the colour reacts to the heat. This might be one to collect in multiples, like how I’ve collected True Touch Marmors and Trollbeads Sea Anemones.

Below left to right are True Opal Mint, True Moss, True New Beginning, True Moss and True Opal Cactus.

On social media Julia had been showing these beads with some yellow and it looks so fresh with a True Touch Sunlight Spot.

Of course, purple always looks lovely with green, so I used True Moss and True Opal Cactus below. I think the silver Lilac bead in the middle and the Touch Lilac to the left of it were my first True Beadz.

True Opal Mint looks divine with the Green Tulips from Trollbeads.

The silver beads True Beadz 2016 and True Bridge make great spacers with a couple of older beads flanking them, along with True Opal Mint.

Now to use some current glass beads, here are a Touch Gooseberry and Touch Taiga with the True Opal Mint. The silver beads are The Wheel of Time.

Lastly, I’ve got some photos of a special event bead. The Blooming Boutique Beads at the Beach event bead is super pretty! The event is March 30 & 31, which is the same weekend as the Trollbeads at the Beach Festival. At the bottom of their info page here it mentions that there will be an online event April 2, but I don’t know any more than that. I hope those going have a fabulous time. I had fun this past weekend going with a couple of girlfriends to a bead event in the USA. It’s always so nice to get away without boys!!

They look sweet with the silver Roses from True Beadz and a couple of Lavender Prisms from Trollbeads.

Finally, here’s a bracelet using all the new glass beads plus some from the True Purple Dream colour family.

Some retailers are taking pre-orders and you can find links to them here on the True Beadz page. I hope you like the new beads as much as I do. I think the True Opal Cactus and Mint beads will be wonderful for taking to the beach this summer. They make me think of water in the Pacific Ocean and how I’d dearly love to be on a beach right now, puddling about in the warm water. Do let me know if these beads are ones you’d like to add to your collection.

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples.