On Friday, April 12, the limited edition glass bead Flow of Love ($55 USD) and the Puzzle Spacer ($45 USD) will launch.

The Flow of Love has a lot going on, with facets, some hot pink glass, delicate pale stripes running through it, as well as some glitter. There can never be too much glitter!

The Puzzle Spacer is slightly larger than the plain spacers. I think it’s very nicely made.

The Flow of Love Bead comes with a puzzle, although to be honest I’m not sure if all retailers will be providing that. There is also new packaging which is quite pretty. I’m basing this packaging information off of what was provided to me by TrollbeadsUSA, so maybe check with your local retailer if these things are important to you in determining where to make a purchase. The puzzle was a bit tricky-in fact, sharp eyes will catch where I did it wrong!

The Maternity bead, depicting a mom holding a small child, is a natural fit for a Mother’s Day theme.

I like the glass with the super useful Rose Quartz bead.

Flow of Love looks perfect on the Cherry/Sage Green Leather Bracelet. Trollbeads hasn’t come out with new colours of leather bracelets for a while, so I wonder if there will ever be any more? I used the Violet of February, Puddles and House Bead also.

Here is another little combo with some colours that go nicely with the Flow of Love. On the top bangle left to right are Light Green Stripe, Pink Desert, Violet of February and Pastel Flower Bead.

Because Flow of Love is such a busy bead, I didn’t think I had many beads to go with it, but I did try out a large bracelet. I’m still not sure if I like it or not, but thought I’d still post the photo.

Here are a few other pieces I’ve been enjoying lately. February was so dreary and we had so much ice! I’m happy winter is over (although we could still get some snow) and look forward to flowers growing again! To tide me over, I bought the sweet Baby’s Breath Ring.

I might have also bought the Blossom Shade Ring.

And the Shadow Flower Pendant is quite stunning on a Fantasy Necklace.

Lastly, this is a work in progress bracelet, using some silver Flowers of the Month beads, with Peacock Pearls and Sea Anemone beads. These snowdrops are the first flowers in my garden!

Here’s one last shot of the Flow of Love with the Puzzle Spacer. Feel free to use the ‘Marthnickbeads10’ code for 10% off at Trollbeads.com if you live in the USA/Canada/Australia. The last two collections are excluded from this offer, but otherwise it should work.

Thoughts on these two new pieces or anything else are welcome! Happy Monday!

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples.