A Kingdom’s strength lies in its Dynasty…The Crowns are passed to heirs through the ages, these are the stories that will forever be told and remembered.

Today is the release of the first of three parts of a Redbalifrog collection called Once Upon a Kingdom. This part, consisting of four beads and a pendant is called:

Season 1-‘A Queen’s Wish’

Owl Messenger Pendant-$116 USD

With her since birth, the bond between the Queen and her Owl is like no other. Her trust lies solely with the Owl to deliver her most important and secret of messages.

The pendant is a real statement piece and is very sleek and shiny. The owl is carrying a Black Onyx.

Queen Athene-$44 USD

The protection of an entire Kingdom is heavily on the Queen’s shoulders, with no King by her side, she must rise to the occasion. She is strong, she is loved and she is wise…

Queen Athene has a Swarovski crystal in her crown and has the most beautiful hair. She reminds me of the Redbalifrog Art Nouveau bead.

Queens Gargoyle Watcher-$44 USD

The Kingdom’s strength lies in its dynasty… The Crowns are passed to heirs through the ages. These are the stories that will forever be told and remembered.

This Gargoyle makes me think of cathedrals in Europe and would make a wonderful souvenir from a trip. Check out the wings on the back.

Queens Monogram-$33 USD

Every Kingdom has a crown, recognized, respected, feared and honoured by both friend and foe.

I love the brick work around the outside of this bead.

Sword in Stone-$37 USD

Placed by the black magic of an ancient sorcerer, this sword has held fast for generations. The story long lost over time, it awaits its release by the chosen one that will bring balance back to the Kingdom.

I think the Sword in Stone is going to be really popular. I don’t recall seeing any other beads like this. The details of the cracking of the Stone where the sword is inserted is just wonderful.

Here’s a last look at some of the pieces from behind. As always, the heft and detail of the pieces in relation to the prices make them an outstanding deal, in my opinion. You’ll notice that I used some True Beadz Castle Stone glass beads with A Queen’s Wish and I’m sure I’m not the only one who will think to do that.

Do let me know if you are going to get any of these pieces! And tune in to BeadsTV on my Instagram today at 4:15 EDT as I’ll show them and we can discuss all things in bead land. 😀

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples.