On Friday, May 24 the Trollbeads Summer Collection for 2019 will debut. For the most part, this feels like a bit of a departure for Trollbeads, as there are five new stones coming out but they are really very small. With their round shape they feel quite modern and it will be interesting to see how people use them. There are also two silver beads that blend in nicely with last year’s seashell silver beads.

The round stones each cost $50 USD. There is a White Round Moonstone, Round Labradorite, Round Lapis Lazuli, Round Adventurine and Round Malachite. I bought several silver Ripples beads because I thought they would go really well with the new stones. The silver bead that wraps around the Round Lapis Lazuli below is called Framed by the Sea and is $50.

There is a small silver pendant, designed by Søren Nielsen, called Conch Pendant. It will be $61 USD.

I wanted to take a few shots of the gemstones on a bracelet with the traditional sized glass beads. I would love to hear if you think the older beads look ridiculously out of place, or if you think they might work well together.

Where I don’t think a traditional style glass bead looks silly is below, almost acting as a focal point. The spring collection glass beads were on the whole very small, which now makes me wonder if there is a general move towards smaller beads. 🤔

I also think the Beach and Light Blue Stripe Beads below look okay with the Round Adventurine beads.

This is the last known place where one of the Round White Moonstones was seen. If anyone is heading to the beach at Port Stanley, ON, look around and you might find one!

Since the new gemstones are small like pearls, I think they look very sweet between the Dancing Butterfly Spacers.

Here’s a macro shot of the Round Lapis Lazuli. It’s pretty spectacular!

I think the new beads work really well on bangles and they will be fun to mix and match.

Lastly, since I know some people will be buying these to use with the discontinued Pandora Essence line, here is a reference photo so you can see they work very well together.

Here’s a last look at the bangle set to get us in the summer mood. It was about 9C when I took these photos, not exactly swimming weather!

That’s it for today! Do let me know if you’ll be adding any of these to your collection or if it’s not your thing. I think they will be fun to play around with and certainly they will be lovely for petite wrists (that’s not me!). They will look great on leather and Fantasy Necklaces as well. When the retailers start to show live images we’ll be able to find out if all of the Round Adventurines are darker than the stock images, as I was a bit surprised at the colouring of mine. I do like the look of smaller beads like these, especially for the summer. Really, just one of these on a bangle would be wonderful!

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples. These are courtesy of Trollbeads USA.