The shades of fuchsia and gold are reminiscent of the orchids in Singapore. Orchid Rain perfectly captures the simultaneous sunshine and mist of the Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay. Orchids can have strong, vivid colours and yet be so delicate in appearance. Enjoy wearing this bead as a reminder of the impressive colours of nature.

I’m so excited to announce another bead collaboration with OHM Beads. It’s been so fun to see people enjoying Lilac Rain and I hope Orchid Rain will also appeal to bead collectors around the world. As is always the case with glass, the beads have some variation. They will be $45 USD and go on sale at OHM Together on June 21, at 5:55pm Eastern Time. (New York, Toronto, etc., time zone). There will be plenty of beads at 555 pieces. They will be numbered and accompanied by a little certificate matching the number engraved on the bead.

They look fabulous with gold.

The streaks of blue/purple can look a bit electric depending on the light.

Here’s a little video to show them going from the shade into the sun.

And here are still photos showing the same thing.

I tried them next to some older OHM Beads that I have and I think they look great together.

They certainly blend well with my Sea Anemones and Dewdrops beads from Trollbeads and Elfbeads, respectively. If anyone wants to see Orchid Rain with another bead you are wondering about just let me know and I can send you a picture on social media or add it here.

I think Orchid Rain looks good with Spring Refractions!

The round shape is a departure for OHM, although when I first started buying their beads years ago, that’s the shape they were then. Here are some Orchid Rain beads with Lilac Rain beads.

It really does seem to glow in the sun.

I’ll leave off for now but if there are any questions please ask. Have a great week everyone!