On Saturday, June 15, the Limited Edition Brush of Blue Kit will be released to celebrate Trollbeads Day. It will cost $366 USD ($444 CDN). I was very curious when I first heard that porcelain beads were coming out, as it’s a new material for Trollbeads. I had some porcelain beads years ago from Perlen and they were really sturdy, so I was never concerned about durability. These ones are glazed and actually feel like glass. The samples I received are larger than I thought they’d be given the recent move towards smaller beads and I’m not sure if they will all be this big. From the promo images I was not quite sold on them, but now having had a chance to play around with them, I think they are just lovely. Also, initially I thought just one or two would be nice to have but now I see the advantage of having the whole kit. After all, blue and white together are so fantastic! These are designed by one of my favourite Trollbeads designers, Kim Buck and they are hand painted in China. There is a video to see how they are made-just Google ‘Trollbeads Day 2019 video’.

Below left to right are Vine Brush, Lotus Brush (although some people are calling it the tulip one), Chrysanthemum Brush, Bamboo Brush, Plum Tree Brush and Fish Brush.

The details wrap around to the sides of the beads.

I love how the pattern in my dish from Japan goes with the flower in the Plum Tree Brush.

The first thing I tried out was the beads with a Lapis Lazuli, Denim Prisms and Pearls.

Just a couple of the porcelain beads on a bangle help keep the look young and fresh. My office partner at school is young and she preferred this bangle below.

She wasn’t too keen on this necklace, but I loved it! 😀

Since I have the whole kit I wanted to try a few ways of using it. First up is a big bracelet that uses my pink and red Uniques.

Next I went for a minimalist station kind of bracelet, adding in some browns with a Smoky Quartz, two Grey Prisms, the Antique Lace Lock and a Smoky Quartz Facet Tassel.

Then, I made another large bracelet incorporating some Grey Moonstones.

That old Arctic Stripes bead in the middle proved to be a perfect match for the porcelain beads!

The Fish Brush bead has really grown on me. The fish really seems to have a personality!

In the promo images, Trollbeads used the Blue Leather Bracelet, which again, gives a more casual, modern look.

Lastly, here are a couple of bangles adding a touch of gold. I expect to see all kinds of fabulous pictures on Instagram of collectors using these beads with a lot of gold. Can’t wait to see what people do with them!

There will be so many ways to use the Brush of Blue Kit. This barely scratches the surface, but I hope it’s enough to whet your appetite for seeing more on Trollbeads Day. Do let me know what you think of these beads!

Disclosure: As always, these beads are samples courtesy of TrollbeadsUSA.