Let it be a season of joy. Show love and appreciation. Celebrate life with each other. Who is your sun, your moon and all your stars?

Look up at the night sky. As long as we are under the same moon, we will always find a way to each other.

The Winter 2019 Collection, called My Sun, My Moon, My Stars comes out on Friday, November 8 and I have a selection of the pieces to show you today. Unlike last year’s Winter Collection which was very thematic with cookie cutter beads, this collection is much more suited to wearing year round. A lot of pieces from this collection go really well with copper, so if you have a bangle you might want to shine it up!

Here’s my only photo with a nod to Christmas, with my beloved little Finnish Elf. The letter spacers ($39 USD each) are really good looking in person! Now that I see that Kim Buck was the designer, I can understand why I like them so much as he’s one of my favourite Trollbeads designers.

I really like the Passion Beat Ring ($61 USD), designed by Ragnar R. Jรธrgensen.

He also designed the Passion Swirl Bead ($50 USD). Those are the Round Sunstone Beads ($50 USD) on either side.

The Round Sunstone is very pretty and a lovely peachy colour.

I think the Round Sunstone looks wonderful with the Feldspar Moonstone Bead.

The Happy New Year Bead ($50 USD) is designed by Neetu Gupta. It looks fabulous on copper.

I thought the green and blue glittery bits reminded me of the Northern Lights Magic Bead.

The Golden Night Kit ($297 USD) was designed by Tenzin Phuntsok and Kalden Chophel. There is a LOT of glitter! I will be curious to see if the red bead called Hearts of Joy looks good with the UK exclusive Scarlet Diamond Bead. Here is the whole kit. Below left to right are Golden Branches, Golden Bud, Hearts of Hope, Hearts of Joy, Golden Ornaments and Golden Swirl. They are available as singles for $50 USD each.

My early favourite (I’ve only had the beads for a couple of days) is the Golden Ornaments.

I made up a bracelet based on a promo shot from Trollbeads. I don’t have any gold beads so put in a couple of Pink Prisms to brighten things up.

I might add some more photos down below over the next few weeks as I have more time to play with these pieces. This is not the complete collection, so do check the whole thing out on Friday at Trollbeads.com.

It will be interesting to see how people use the letter spacers. I think they are fabulous and actually like how they stay put. When they were first announced I was disappointed they were spacers (stoppers) but now I see the advantage as they sit so neatly on a bangle.

Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts about this collection. As always, these samples were provided by Trollbeads USA.