Let’s face it, February in Canada is what we wish was early spring! Much like how the Trollbeads spring collection comes out in January each year, some new True Beadz are coming out this month and might give us a break from the cold and snow. As usual in Canada, we have had nothing but grey days this winter, rarely seeing the sun. I therefore really enjoyed myself last weekend, re-organizing my storage trays and playing with the lovely beads that will next join the True Beadz family.

Below left to right are Ancient Logo ($45 USD), Opal Rainforest ($40 USD), Opal Taiga ($40 USD), Water Lace ($45 USD), Clear Water ($40 USD), Opal Sky ($40 USD) and Opal Jeans ($40 USD).

I can tell you right away that my favourite is Clear Water. It appears to be glowing! The other beads below are called Sunset Sky CZ.

The reasons I fell in love with True Beadz years ago was because of the way the beads colour coordinated. I remember seeing the colour groups and spending so much time gazing at them! If we look here, I’ve added in Opal Mint (left) and Opal Lagoon (right) to show the colour gradient . The Alchemy beads towards the back are retired. The Opal Rainforest is a mix of Opal Taiga and Opal Mint. Opal Sky is a mix of Opal Jeans and Opal Lagoon.

The Water Lace bead is really pretty.

Clear Water also looks striking with black. The black wood beads are called Dyed Hornbeam.

The Opal Jeans look great with some sodalite beads from sTicKs & StoNEs!

Next let’s take a look at how the Equator bead goes with Opal Taiga and Clear Water. This bangle makes me want to go swimming!

Lastly, I made up a couple of full bracelets in blues and greens. Some of the beads I used here are or were exclusives to the True Beadz website and here’s where you can take a look to see what is available. First is my blue bracelet.

My favourite is this green bracelet below. Certainly I’ve been lucky to receive fabulous Treasures and I believe Julia will keep putting some new ones on her website from time to time. I like how the solid colour beads work with busier beads and think it creates a harmonious look. The new beads will be available on the True Beadz website, at Perlen and Story in the Bead. There are links on the True Beadz retailers’ page here. Preorders are from February 15th with the release being February 29th.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at these new beads and do let me know if anything catches your eye.

Disclosure: These samples were provided by True Beadz.