It is the small fluttering moments that make a day magnificent.

The Trollbeads limited edition Flutter By Bracelet comes out on February 28, 2020. It will cost $120 USD/ $141 CAD and consists of a sterling silver chain, silver bead, glass bead and silver lock.

I really like the lock on this bracelet, as it’s nice and streamlined. The tiny flowers are so cute and the butterfly shape can be seen when looking at a certain angle.

The glass bead is a pale blue at the core with a soft plum scroll design.

The little silver bead is reminiscent of the one from the Vine of Dreams Bracelet.

The glass looks nice with pale Sea Anemone beads.

I also tried it out with the recent glass beads called Song of Love and Aisle of Passion. In between them I’ve put two Fantasy Hibiscus silver beads, back to back. I think I was influenced by Instagrammer @zeus9550 as she is always using Fantasy Hibiscus beads in between her glass beads.

Let’s also take a quick look at the adorable Smiles bead which is meant for Father’s Day. There are four faces on it and I think it’s really cute!

That’s all for today! Feel free to let me know your thoughts about these releases or anything else. I’m on a mission with the help of bead friends to get the country exclusive Royal Peach Diamond bead- hope it works out. These country exclusives can be irritating and I don’t usually hunt them down, but the peachy colour looks so pretty. I know the Pandora ladies are all up in arms about their special bead of the month being next to impossible to get. Thank goodness most bead releases are just normal ones that are available to all!

Disclosure: These samples were provided by Trollbeads USA.