The sunset breeze is sweeping in from the sea across the sand dunes. Delightful colours are reflecting the last sun rays of the day. Feel the sand between your toes and dance to the music of the ocean.

Capture the moment and be ready for new adventures.

People are made of stories. Some are defining and some are just for fun. Great stories come from those experiences that are all about the present. It is time to start new stories.

This summer there is a small collection from Trollbeads called Sunset at the Beach. The release date got pushed back a couple of times due to COVID-19 so it’s really nice to see that things are coming together and that it will be available Friday. I know we’ve all been struggling with delayed mail deliveries. My new record wait time is 9 weeks and I’ve heard of people waiting even longer for things.

Most people are relying on online purchases these days. I should think there won’t be much variation with the glass kit from this release, but we’ll have to see.

Here is the limited edition glass kit called Sunset Breeze Kit. It was designed by Tenzin Phuntsok and Kalden Chopel. It’s retails for $300 USD/ $365 CAD and each bead is available separately for $50 USD/ $61 CAD. Below left to right the beads are called Breeze of Turquoise, Breeze of Sand, Breeze of White, Breeze of Green, Breeze of Rose and Breeze of Blue.

There is also a small spacer called Dolphins Spacer. It’s designed by Louise Rimpler and costs $50 USD/ $61 CAD.

Live life playfully in balance with joy.

The new lock is a gorgeous sculptural piece and really deserves to be featured by itself with a chain bracelet. The Conch Lock was designed by Kristian Krysfeldt and is $72 USD/ $86 CAD.

The sea has music for those who listen.

There is a fantastic Mermaid Fantasy Ring designed by Louise Rimpler and it costs $127 USD/ $157 CAD. A bead fits onto the little post under the mermaid’s arms and it sits very nicely. As it’s held down by the Mermaid’s elbows and is on the post, it doesn’t slip off.

Silently comes the dream… maybe of a new adventure. Select your bead of the day and wear it on the Mermaid Fantasy Ring.

When I saw the colour palette and thought to take out the pink and green beads, what was left clearly resembled some of the beads from the Love Story Kit. Check out how great these colours look together.

I added in some older beach themed beads to make a full bracelet which I promptly dropped in the river! (I was able to retrieve it and later washed it, blech!)

Next I thought I’d use the pink and green ones in a bangle.

And by using the pink, green and white beads a really pretty bracelet can be made. The green is definitely a very fresh green and I actually don’t have too many beads that match up well with it.

I find the glass beads are most lovely in the full sun.

The Breeze of Sand one caught my eye in the previews as they were showing it with a Labradorite. It didn’t work well with mine, but I really like it with the Pyrite and Steel Hematite beads.

With the beads underwater they almost look like little treasures.

Finally, I was able to actually go to the lake a few days ago! The beach was closed but the pier was open for people to walk on. 🤔 The water looked so refreshing!

So, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this collection. Is there anything that has caught your eye? For me, the ring is what took my breath away. I only wish school was not cancelled as my little students would have loved to see this! As always, these samples are provided by Trollbeads USA.