It’s early morning in the flower garden. Bright flowers in all hues are sparkling in the morning dew.

A magnificent butterfly lands on a petal. It flutters and then becomes calm. A graceful cat come quietly around the corner. The paws are leaving almost invisible prints in the ground. It’s time for a nap in the sun. Serenity is all around.

People are made of stories. Some are defining and some are just for fun. Embrace change and trust your journey to create new stories. Live with grace in your heart and flowers in your garden. Welcome to the Flower Garden Collection.

Bead samples are provided by

Today I have a selection of samples from the Trollbeads Spring Collection for 2022, called Flower Garden. To see the new silver beads, please visit the website. But do take a look at these two new glass kits, and how beautifully the colours go together. The top kit is called Peaceful Garden Kit and is designed by Tashi, Dhundup and Dolma. The kits retails for $250 USD/$305 CAD, and the beads are available individually for $50 USD/$61 CAD. The kit with the faceted glass on the bottom is called Flower Garden Kit and is designed by Neetu Gupta. The kit costs $305 USD/$366 CAD, with individual beads costing $61 USD/$74 CAD.

Take a look at how gorgeous Stylish Flowers is…love those mint chocolate chip ice cream colours!

Flower Bed on the left, has delicate shades of pink, coppery glitter and a hint of green. Green in Bloom on the right is super fresh looking.

Flower Bed also looks lovely with pinks and browns. I love the Smokey Quartz in the middle. It’s so pale and delicate. It’s now been over two years since I’ve been Trollbeads shopping in person and I really hope travel will get easier in the spring as I’d love to pop over the border to visit Trollbeads at Partridge Creek and see beads in person!

Let’s take a look at Blossom Orange (below left)and Fantasy Orchids (below right). They are rather similar in style, but the colours are different. I think they both look lovely with Feldspar Moonstones.

I just can’t stop looking at these soft and pretty colours.

The Sun & Soil bead is very complex and it will be interesting to see more variations.

I did try it with some other purple beads and this was the result.

Next up is the new cat clasp. Trollbeads headquarters has noted that they are now calling locks clasps, much like a few years ago when they started to call stoppers spacers. It will take a while before I remember to call them clasps! The Beloved Cat Clasp was designed by Kristian Krysfeldt. It costs $72 USD/$89 CAD.

I have one more clasp to show today, called the Spiritual Butterfly Clasp. Designed by Søren Nielsen, it retails for $83 USD/$99 CAD. The small stone is a Phehnite with Tourmalinated Quartz.

Speaking of stones, there are two new ones, designed by Lise Aagaard. Flanking either side of the Daisy Bead are the Prehnite with Tourmalinated Quartz ($72 USD/$83 CAD) and a Garnet Feldspar ($72 USD/$83 CAD).

Trollbeads has a new ring, called the Cat at Ease Fantasy Ring. Like previous fantasy rings, it’s meant to be worn with a bead underneath. This style is very comfortable and I always feel like they fit quite securely. The silver ring itself was designed by Kristian Krysfeldt and costs $127 USD/$150 CAD. I think it’s quite sweet!

There’s also a new pendant for the Changeable Fantasy Necklace. It was designed by Søren Nielsen and is called the Butterfly Pendant. It’s $94 USD/$115 CAD. The colours of the glass are very cheery and springlike. Keep in mind I took all these pictures outside when it was quite a bit below freezing, so spring was definitely on my mind.

Moving along to the Peaceful Garden Kit, this one I find to be absolute perfection. As a kit it works so beautifully together and then each bead also works well with older beads. I look forward to spending more time with this kit. Below left to right, the beads are called Tiger Lily, Seeds of Joy and Peace of Mind.

The remaining three beads are called Happy Climber, Serenity and Garden Path.

Check out the glitter in the Garden Path bead.

I really like this bracelet, with chocolate, beige and green colours.

Okay, that’s it for today. Remember, this is not the full collection, so be sure to head over to the Trollbeads website to see the rest of the pieces. My favourite picks from these pieces are the glass kits and the butterfly pendant. I’ve ordered a few of the silver pieces and can’t wait to see them. I’d love to hear what your favourites are and if you’ve ordered anything or have put some items on your wishlist.