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This year for Valentine’s Day, Trollbeads is offering a new clasp and a limited edition glass bead. The glass bead is a pale pink with some light mauve hearts that are lightly lined with white. I think the glass bead is really pretty. I was going to try to match it up with lots of pink beads, but to be honest, it’s been around -10C every day and this is all I could manage. Fingers get really cold after a few minutes in that kind of weather! 😅

I think the Valentine’s Hearts bead ($50 USD/ $65 CAD) looks lovely with this Rosa Pearl hidden underneath the Framed by Flower silver bead.

The My Love Clasp ($72 USD/$89 CAD) has a couple of tiny hearts indented on the surface.

I was thinking it reminded me of the Crab Lock from a few years ago and indeed they are quite similar. I find this flat style of clasp really comfortable to wear.

The other day at work, I wore this combo with my mauve sweater. 😍 As I continue to try to dodge Covid, which is seemingly everywhere at my school, the colours helped me to remain somewhat calm. 😷 Look how fantastic the triple pearled Serene Beauty Bead is, shown on the necklace below.

Ok, that’s it for today! Are you planning on getting either of these new pieces for Valentine’s Day? Do you think the glass will work with beads you already have? I’d love to hear your thoughts!