Book of Spells by Redbalifrog 

While this is not a new bead it is new to me and perfect for the Hallowe’en season. The detail is just delightful!

I quite like the Book of Spells just on the Redbalifrog leather strap bracelet. It sits really nicely. I also added the Geckos and Tree Frog, as I imagine them to be in a book of spells!

Then, if one is to continue with a magical theme, the Aladdin’s Lamp, Tree Goblin and Jackalope might be good additions to a bracelet. 

Below left to right are Fern Leaf, Geckos, Rope, Magic Monkey, Jackalope, Tree Goblin, Aladdin’s Lamp, Book of Spells, Owls Nest, Night Owl, Rope, Tree Frog, Tree of Life and Heart Lock. 

I bought some tea yesterday that came in this haunted house tin. 

This Book of Spells will be used every October as Hallowe’en is pretty popular in our house. We already have the front yard decorated. 

And I used the Book of Spells on a themed bracelet last week when we went to a Pumpkin Smash at a racetrack. Left to right are Ohm Beads Sock Monster, True Beadz True Touch Pumpkin, Ohm Beads Sky Fire, Redbalifrog Book of Spells, Trollbeads Masala Facet/ unique/ River of Life/ Pandora Pumpkin, Trollbeads unique, True Beadz True Touch Pumpkin and Trollbeads Peter. 

I imagine a lot of people already have this bead and would also use it for a Harry Potter theme. It would be awesome on a bracelet if one was to visit Universal Studios in Florida! So, no blog post tomorrow but Friday will be the Ohm Beads Dark Shadows glass beads. 

4 responses to Book of Spells by Redbalifrog 

  1. Sarah says:

    It’s a fun little bead and looks perfect with your all-silver combo! I love beads which tell stories
    or with which you create a themed bracelet. You know me, I love your Racetrack bracelet, just so many beautiful, bright and colourful glass beads, and sock monster, too! I also think your Hallowe’en decorating is fantastic. The kids in your neighbourhood must love “trick or treating” at your house every year?


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks Sarah! Actually, we usually get just 5-10 kids here for Hallowe’en! It’s so sad! But the houses are kind of far apart, at least compared to other streets, so kids go elsewhere. But I think the people walking by (like on their way to Starbucks) on a day to day basis like the decorations.


  2. Great Halloween decorations Martha! Halloween is extremely popular in my neighborhood! I need to do some more decorating! I have always loved the RBF Magical Lamp! It also comes in brass? I love it in silver and brass!❤️🎃😍


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks Carol! I can only imagine the decorations in your neighbourhood! Canadians only started decorating for Hallowe’en a few years ago, I’d say. I think the Magical Lamp does come in brass. It’s such a lovely bead!


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