These three beads (available individually) all have a shattered glass effect. The beads look like I’ve dropped them and they are broken but they are completely intact. The Blue Hole beads were the first Ohm Beads that I bought that have this effect and I’ve really enjoyed using them. So when Ohm Beads made these three in their barrel shape, I was quite thrilled! 

First up is Broken Heart. Here is the description from Ohm Beads:

The Ohm Beads Broken Heart is blood red with vein like highlights suggestive of a shattered surface. Its Black Ruthenium plated core boasts a blackened aesthetic making it a perfect complement to a Gothic charm bracelet.

I just love the rich colour of this red and thought I’d put it on an all red bracelet. This is not quite the gothic vibe at all, but I like it. I like this red so much that I might buy a mate for it so I have a pair. With Ohm Beads having a large core, I find them useful as they work on bracelets across the brands, such as on this Pandora leather below. The bead on the top is a True Beadz True Touch Strawberry and below is a True Beadz Almost Quartz. 

This bead is a deep purple, reminds me of grape jelly and is called Royal Blood

For this bead I actually put it with some bright pink! I’m sure this is not exactly  what the Ohm team envisioned, but oh well! 😀 The core of the Pandora bead on the right has a raspberry look, then add in the grape jelly look and we just need some beads that look like slices of bread and we’d be all set! The clips are called Bare and work really well on Pandora leather bracelets. 

I also made a combo with some True Beadz, Trollbeads and Pandora beads. The pinkish True Beadz are True Touch Princess Kiss and on the right is True Touch Purple Dream. 

Lastly here is the black one called Dark Soul. From the side it looks pretty cool. Something funky happened with the light when I took the picture though and it should be noted that the core is actually very dark. 

I put this one on the Ohm Beads Twisted Bangle with a couple of old Pandora beads and two of the new Ohm Beads spacers, Mech Tech and Hot Topic. 

To use them all together I thought I’d make a dark and grumpy bracelet. Left to right are Widget, Royal Blood, Mech Tech, Grumpy Cat, Dark Soul, Ohm? No., Hot Topic, Broken Heart and Cranium.  The locks are called Metal-ness. 

So, I really love these beads. Does anyone else? Have a great weekend! Coming up Monday is the Trollbeads Indian Cress. 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.