Just a quick blog post for today to share photos of the pink Field of Flowers Pandora Murano and the adorable Sweet Daisies ring that I bought yesterday. The manager at my local store is a real sweetheart and always lets me know when their new stock is out. I believe the collection is out March 16, according to Mora Pandora, which is where I first saw the ring. I love simple rings and this one is great for stacking. 

The ring is super shiny and almost sparkly without having CZ. Perfect! I think it was $55 CAN, so it will be less than that in US dollars. 

I don’t have enough Pandora beads to put together a full combo, really, so I took my handy dandy Trollbeads Bangle and made up some combos using beads from other brands. Because I don’t buy a lot of Pandora, what I do buy needs to fit in with my other beads. I’m not going to list every bead, since there are so many combos here, but do ask if you want to know what anything is!
Let’s start with Ohm Beads. This has sort of a dreamy feel, I think, with the Cold Milk and Purple Haze Beads. 

With True Beadz, the Baby Pink beads are a great match. 

I love it with the Trollbeads Pearls. 

Here’s a cute bangle for Easter with Pandora beads!

Lastly, here’s a full bracelet using Redbalifrog silver, some True Beadz and Trollbeads. Be sure to zoom in on the adorable Owl Nest!

Ok, any votes for a favourite look? I actually kind of like the Ohm Beads one best, even though it’s a bit of an unexpected pairing. I would be happy to wear any of these, really. I chose the pink over the purple Field of Flowers, which I wasn’t expecting to do. With purple being my favourite colour it would have been the obvious choice, but I really did like how this was such a delicate pink. I must admit that this bead really gave me trouble with getting decent photos. It looks much better in person than it does here, whereas most of the time I feel that I can capture the beauty of a bead. This one is very complex and pale and I bet it will be very popular. 

Coming up tomorrow are piles of True Beadz photos. Oh my goodness, Julia and Alexey have really outdone themselves with the St. Patrick collection. My O’Sheep arrived only slightly tipsy!