True Beadz St. Patrick Collection and More

The latest collection from True Beadz is the St. Patrick collection and consists of three silver beads and two glass beads. I’d like to use the beads year round, so I thought I’d try to blend these beads in with my existing bead collection. The cute O’Sheep arrived quite bright eyed, having been off the beer for the duration of the flight from Russia. But look, he is clearly pleading for that beer stein to be filled up!

As always, the packaging is so cool with the wax seal. And my kids now love beadmail from Russia, as it always arrives with some treats! 

True Clover ($33 USD) is the smaller of the two barrel shaped beads. As we’ve come to expect with Alexey’s silver beads, the detail is so lovely. 

Next is the True City Jungle, also $33 USD.  I absolutely love the brickwork and the climbing vines and flowers. Definitely it’s a bead for all year round, not just St. Patrick’s Day. 

O’Sheep ($40 USD) and True Pint ($55 USD) make a fine pair on the Trollbeads Green Leather Bracelet. He’s supposed to be munching on the clover, but I do believe he’s also taking quite a few sips of something from the mug. 

True Potion ($33) is such a fresh green. Here I’ve put it with Almost Rose Quartz, Almost Amethyst and a pair of The Wheel of Time silver beads. 

I thought it also looked nice with some Trollbeads from the Mysterious Ways Kit. 

And here is True Potion with the new Soft Green X Links. 

I was also curious if it would work with some glass beads from the Russian Lullaby Collection. On the top is Black Ice and in the middle is Blizzard. 

Julia also kindly send some True Treasures. These are beads that are only available at Great Lakes Boutique in Ohio. Also in the package was the Event Bead called Friendly Smiles, that will be available at their event the last weekend in April. It’s a lovely orange with gold toned flakes. 

It looks great with both the new and old Pumpkin shades. 

Here are all the Treasures on a bangle with Friendly Smiles and True Potion. 

And some macro photos. I so love these beads!!!

Finally, I combined quite a few of these beads with a few Trollbeads for a full bracelet and this is what I’ll be wearing today. I know lots of people are already enjoying their beads from this collection. I think it’s quite a delightful release and the True City Jungle is a real standout for me. The bricks with the climbing vine makes me think of old buildings and I think this weekend I’d like to put it with some Castle Stone and Blue Mist beads. And the True Pint clearly needs to be paired with the Ohm Beads Bar Brawl! Hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the collection. Comments are always welcome! 

Coming up next week will be X Links, more Spirit Beads, new Fenton beads and perhaps another event bead. 💜 Have a great weekend!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.


  1. I’m still (impatiently! :D) waiting for my True Potion to arrive (I don’t think it’s been shipped yet) but I love your combinations! I’d love to see your idea of the True City Jungle mixed with Castle Stone and Blue Mist beads – an undiscovered city of adventure 🙂


    1. Tracy, I love your idea of an undiscovered city bracelet. I’m going to think about that and try to make a fun bracelet with that theme. What a great idea! I hope your potion arrives soon. I think you have those same beads Trisha does, with the green and black? I loved her photo of her green leather bracelet with them.


  2. The last 2 TrueBeadz releases have peen absolutely perfect except it makes me want more! True treasures killed my budget at bead bash and if the preview of these treasure are any indication I will have a similar problem at spring fling. I love what you have done with the St Paddys day beads. Mine arrived yesterday and I am waiting to spend some quality time with them.


    1. Elizabeth, I think True Beadz are one of the most addictive bead brands. The last two releases have been outstanding but then there’s the whole basic colour collection where I’d like a Blossom, Taste and Air of every colour! It doesn’t stop! I hope you have fun playing with your new beads! And I also hope you have a fabulous time choosing Treasures in person, because as you say, there are going to be some gorgeous ones, it seems.


  3. Hi Martha, I love this collection! I love every combination you’ve done but my favorite has to be the three bangles with Russian Lullaby and the silvers. I want Friendly Smiles but I won’t be able to go to the event. I don’t know if there would be any available afterwards. Your True Treasures are beautiful, and to be honest, I am a little jealous right now!


    1. Suzanne, I absolutely adore the Treasures, so I completely understand. I also realize it’s annoying to see photos of something that can’t easily be purchased, but I find it hard to not take pictures of such beautiful beads. I really like wearing just a barrel shaped silver bead on a bangle in order to appreciate its workmanship. Plus then it will go with any outfit!


  4. What a wonderful batch of photos and bracelet combinations. I preordered two beads from this release ( true potion and the clover silver bead ) like Tracy I am impatiently waiting as well 😑 I love the green color so much as it can match with so many themes and seasons. I wondering if all true potion are Two tone or if some are solid green? This will be my first true beadz ever which makes it even more exciting !!!


    1. Oh, your first True Beadz! That IS very exciting! I think all of them are pretty much two toned, which kind of makes them look like they are glowing! Let me know when you get them and what you think!


    1. Faye, I don’t know if you already have the green leather bracelet, but there will be a promo starting March 24, where for $89 USD you can get the leather, the Flower Lock and one of the beads from Summer Nature Kit ( Summer Bushes, Summer Flowers, Summer Meadows or the Summer Straws bead).


  5. Gorgeous combinations! I think it’s great that you photographed the Friendly Smiles beads as there were only 200 made and most people will not be able to see one up close.


  6. Hi Martha, I didn’t realize that Friendly Smiles is as limited as it is! They’ll go quick, I’m sure. I wanted to ask you if all of the True Treasures are limited or are they available on the Great Lakes Boutique site during or after the event. I wish I could go but there’s just no way I can do it.


    1. Hi Suzanne! I’m afraid I have no idea. I think last time they released some online for sale each day, so that it was a bit more fair for everyone and they couldn’t all be snapped up right at the beginning. Maybe drop them an email if you are concerned or Victoria will probably list that information closer to time on ET.


      1. Thank you, Martha. I hope I can get some of them. They are so beautiful. I’ll keep watching the site when the time comes.


  7. Gorgeous post, Martha! I’m loving seeing all the new beads. True City Jungle is a real stand out to me, too. So useful for year-round use. And I’m loving the green of True Potion. Another great year-round addition. I particularly think it will be amazing with Halloween combos!


    1. Oh Audrey, you are so right! The True Potion with the Redbalifrog Book of Spells will be outstanding for Hallowe’en! It snowed here again and I’m really longing for our grass and garden to get green again!


  8. What a fantastic release! My favorite is definitely the True City Jungle, but the green glass is great too. I love the bangle you did using it with the Almost Amethyst and Almost Rose Quartz. I love the event bead, and can’t wait to head on down to GLB for the event! I’ll be looking for those True Treasures too. 😊 I’ve been trying to lay off the beads lately in anticipation of the event, but this release is awfully tempting…


    1. I will look forward to hearing about what you buy, Kim! My bead ban lasted all of a few days-there’s an awesome sale of $10 Ohm Beads and Chamilia right now at Earrings and Company of Maine. There’s no way I can pass up on those prices. 😮


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