Trollbeads Spring/Summer Starter Campaign

I know I don’t usually give any news at all, but I’ve been chatting with some people about upcoming bead purchases and several people have mentioned the Trollbeads Green Leather Bracelet. If you are in North America and you’d like one, maybe wait a couple of weeks because March 24th will see the launch of a new starter campaign. This has been offered in Europe for a while but will be coming to the USA and Canada. I only have the USA prices and will add the Canadian ones once they are confirmed. (CAN prices confirmed and added.)

There is a choice of four glass beads from the Summer Nature Kit and a choice of 5 carrier combinations. Each bead will be offered on the following:

Copper Bangle, with two Copper Spacers ($89 USD/$118 CAN)

Green Leather Bracelet, with the Flower Lock ($89 USD/$118 CAN)

Light/Dark Brown Leather Bracelet, with the Flower Lock ($89 USD/$118 CAN)

Foxtail Bracelet with the Flower Lock ($99 USD/$131 CAN)

Foxtail Bracelet with the Double Clasp Lock ($69/$91 CAN)

Here are the glass beads. The first photo is mine then the rest are from Trollbeads:

Summer Flowers

Summer Meadows

Summer Straws

Summer Bushes

And then here is Summer Flowers again but on the Foxtail Bracelet with the Double Clasp Lock. 

Some of you might have already purchased these from Europe, but I just wanted to give people advanced notice, especially with the Pandora bracelet promo coming up. Our bead money only stretches so far and while we all make impulse purchases (😳) it’s nice to be able to plan.  I think I will get the Light/ Dark Brown Leather with the Summer Straws because I really love leather bracelets. The copper bangles sets are a very good price, I think, because just the bangle itself is $69 USD. I’ll make a note to do a blog post on launch day as I’ve been wanting to pair the Daffodil Tassel with the Green Leather. Maybe by then we will actually have some spring weather! Happy Sunday everyone and let me know if you think one of these combos might be in your plans!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. This was provided to me by but if you see me with the brown one, I bought it myself. 😉 Oh! And I almost forgot! I wrote a blog post recently on the Water Lily Spacer over at and would love it if people checked it out. Thanks!


  1. Oh my! I’m much too excited about this post Martha. These Summer combos are great and my list and bead budget is set. Thank-you for sharing this information. Now, how to pass the time…


  2. I have the red leather bracelet right now. I didn’t think I wanted any more, but I like the green one a lot and I absolutely love the pink and yellow one you’ve shown in a couple of photos. I never even considered just putting one bead on the leather, but it looks really good. Showing the lock I think is what balances it out. I guess I wouldn’t mind having the brown bracelet either. I’m trying to set some sort of priority but it’s not working very well.


    1. I hear you Suzanne! In a couple of days we are going on a little road trip and I told my husband I want to stop in at a gift shop that sells Trollbeads, but I really should only buy one or two beads.
      I don’t usually wear the lock up on a leather bracelet, but took that photo to show what you get in the deal. But now I really like it that way and will wear it like that for fun! As the leather stretches over time, I usually cut off some of the holes and eventually I end up with one hole, which looks even nicer.


  3. Hello Martha, thank you for this post. So I can see in detail what I have ordered yesterday from Perlen 😅. I actually wanted to buy some silver beads during their Trollbeads free bracelet promo. But I also couldn’t resist their spring/summer starter campaign, so I also purchased the Brown Leather combo with the Summer Flowers Bead and the Flower Lock. I really like the Green Leather bracelet but this shade of green don’t suits me, unfortunately. I’m now very happy to get soon a second (smaller) Trollbeads Bracelet AND a leather bracelet AND a second lock and a silver bead, Yippieh!! Have a nice week, Martha, and I repeat again: thank you so much for a lot of inspiration!


  4. Like every bead collector I love advance notice of sales and promotions so I can plan out my purchases ahead of time so thanks, Martha! I’m with you and would choose the Summer Straws brown leather! It’s great to know that you can cut the leather bracelets because as they come they are too large for me. I have my Pandora Free Bracelet Promo purchases figured out and on hold at my local store. I chose the Magnolia Blooms Ring and Clip, and the Essence Happiness Pink charm and 2 Balance Spacers. I’ll get a Smooth Silver Clasp Bracelet and Essence Bracelet for my free items. There are many more charms I like in this release. All of the Magnolia pieces are gorgeous, but I’m trying to keep a reasonable budget plus save some for future promos. We all know how that goes! Oh, and as you suggested, I checked with my Pandora store and they will be getting the Chinese Lion Dance charm in stock at some point. He’s so cute and I’d love to see him in person! I checked out your Trollbeads Blog link and love how you staggered the 3 Water Lily Spacers and then added the Pink Prisms! Great post!

    I hope you get to visit the store that sells Trollbeads on your trip! What fun! A store that I go to in the Chicago suburbs is having an inventory reduction sale at the end of the month with a one-day preview sale. They carry Troll, Elf, Redbalifrog, and a few others. What fun!


    1. Dawn, your Pandora purchases sound lovely! I think the Magnolia Blooms pieces are so pretty. Glad you liked the Trollbeads blog and thanks for reading! The prisms tuck under the Water Lily Spacers so nicely. We are just about to cross into the USA, so looks like the bead shopping will be a go. The winter storm was making our trip iffy, but the skies are clear here.


    2. Dawn, we crossed the border and I lost my cell service before I finished. I was just wondering what suburb of Chicago this store is in? We might go this summer and usually stay somewhere cheap and drive into the city for the day, so I might check it out.


      1. It’s the Uptown Shop 129 N. York in Elmhurst, IL. It’s a small shop with home decor, collectibles, kitchen items, some clothing, as well as the bead lines. They have a website and are on Facebook if you want to check them out. I hope you can make it there sometime!

        I think Trollbeads tuck into each other very well due to the varied shapes of the beads and I love that they do. Makes the look more integrated.

        Enjoy your trip and bead shopping!


  5. Ooh, thanks for the heads-up, Martha! I am definitely going to take advantage of this to pick up a leather bracelet. I am a neutral-loving brown girl, so the brown leather is for me…. with summer straws! I just caved and took advantage of the bracelet promo going on right now, too. It will be my very first beadmail, and I can’t wait! 😀


  6. Summer Straws copper bangle for me. I went to Earthwork today they are back order so I have togo back next week for buy 3 get 1 free bead. If you spend more than $100 get 2016 LE Four leaf clover bracelet set free, what a bargain.


    1. Wow, that’s a great deal! My friend went there a couple of weeks ago and bought a few things. She said they have some retired beads, so it’s fun to browse. Trollbeads has such a rich catalogue of older beads. Have fun with your deals when you get them!


  7. Skyway Jewelry Oakville carries Trollbead since last fall, premium plus dealer. I called them and gave them my email for promotion.


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