Today I’ve got some photos of the two new X Links colours, Soft Green and Soft Apricot. They came out as part of the Under the Palm Trees Spring Collection and it was interesting to see that the coloured rubber links were similar to the colours of the Enchanted Ways glass kit from the Trollbeads Kindred Spirits collection. If you are not familiar with X Jewellery, it is a series of links, in silver, bronze and rubber. They link together and then you can add a lock. 

There are single and double links in bronze and silver. Some are plain and some are decorative. This one below is called Flow. 

There are lots of colours to choose from and the rubber links are quite inexpensive. I have all the colours except for Mellow Yellow and Turquoise. 

The Soft Green looks really nice with the Mysterious Ways Kit. 

Here are the Pink ones with my new Blundstones!

Next are a couple of photos of the two new colours with some beads from the Kindred Spirits collection. I think the Soft Apricot matches especially well. There are just so many ways to mix and match the X Links but I’ve been using the bronze with the Soft Apricot and silver with the Soft Green. 

I don’t change my X Jewellery around as much as I change beads. The other day though, I put some metal links together and for the next while will simply swap out sets of rubber links. 

If you have X Jewellery, how do you wear it? Do you keep bracelets made up or change things around? By the way, if you play the banjo the links do tend to get caught in the strings, but I bet no one reading this will have that problem, ha ha!

P. S. The People’s Bead 2017 website is now live. Check it out here!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.