I haven’t done a blog post in a while but most definitely have been making and wearing bracelets! Here’s a look at what’s been catching my fancy lately. This is yesterday’s bracelet of Ohm Beads and Trollbeads Uniques with a couple of Pandora beads.

In the morning light the glass really looked different!

Today I’m wearing a festive Trollbeads bracelet. It was my brother’s birthday yesterday, so for our family it’s the start of the festive season and I’m going for the colour today!

Tomorrow I’m going to wear this black and white assortment of Trollbeads.

Then I’ve got this bangle made up for this week also. That Redbalifrog Pine Cone is just so amazing!

The Shimmer Royal is still new and sparkly for me and I like with paired with these Blizzard beads and pearls.

And after weeks of grey skies finally the sun appeared!

Blue has been popular with me lately. I really like this bangle using Trollbeads Blue Prisms and the Ohm Beads Lucky Stars from Star Bijou.

I bought a Unique below on the left and have quite been enjoying it.

This was a big blue bracelet and I wore it for a few days in a row!

Last week I enjoyed this mix of Kokeshi Dolls by Spiritbeads and then glass beads by Fenton Glass Jewelry.

I also loved this bangle with Trollbeads Pink Prisms. They really go with so many things, I find.

Now for a couple of necklaces. This has been my go to combo as I wear a lot of charcoal grey and I love the pink with it.

This is one using a new bead from the Winter Forest Kit.

Lastly, here is a bangle I made because we got a light dusting of snow and I just wanted to take a picture. πŸ˜€

If you want to know what a specific bead is please just ask! And come back on Friday for the start of Beadmas! Beadmas is a fun twelve days put on by Ohm Beads and lots of people will be doing giveaways on their social media. I’m doing all 12 days, sometimes here, sometimes on my Facebook page and sometimes on Instagram. I’m doing a theme of ‘getting to know people around the world’. See you then!