Today sees the release of the Redbalifrog collection called Big Blue. This collection is a departure for Redbalifrog as it features a ready made beaded bracelet, a pendant, three silver beads and a pearl. Diving right in, for me the star of the show is the fabulous Mermaid Tail Pendant ($98 USD). It’s 25x45mm and features a sea pearl and two crystals.

Here it is in my hand so you can see the size (my hands are pretty big, though!).

I added on these Blue Grass Jasper stones I recently bought from Andrea of sTicKs and StoNEs and two Trollbeads Blue Prisms.

The Pearl & Starfish Bracelet ($76 USD) is just gorgeous, with white and black pearls, turquoise and a silver Star Fish and lotus Redbalifrog silver tag. It’s threaded on double quality elastic and comes in one size-18cm.

Next is a White Sea Pearl ($46 USD) and it is a really good size at 12 x 10 mm. I used it as a focal point for this otherwise all silver Redbalifrog bracelet.

Now for the three silver beads. First up is the Shelly Mix ($37 USD) with all kinds of little shells together. Just look at it from the different angles!

Ombak the Whale ($37 USD) is wonderful with a blowhole in the top! Ombak means wave or ocean in Balinese. This bead is really fun for me as our choir at school is currently singing the Canadian folk song called Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor (where Jack gets swallowed by a whale) and Ombak makes a great pendant on a necklace.

The Sea Turtle Hatching ($37 USD) is very sweet. I like how the egg part is very shiny but the shell inside is textured and oxidized.

I think the Pearl & Starfish Bracelet looks fabulous with the Redbalifrog Turquoise Stones ($33 USD).

Here are a few more photos showcasing the collection.

So, please share if you have any favourites from this collection! The Mermaid Tail Pendant really strikes my fancy as you can wear it just by itself or by adding in some glass or stone beads. The White Sea Pearl is such a fabulous size and will be super useful. The silver beads are of course perfect for the summer and for dreaming of time at the beach. I know it’s been a bit of a long and brutal winter for a lot of us, so here’s to warmer weather and dreaming of the Big Blue!

Here is a video showing all the pieces from all sides.

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.