On Friday, September 6th, the Trollbeads Autumn 2019 Collection called Golden Nightfall will be released. Today I’ve got an overview of some of my favourite pieces from it, including the glass Nightfall Kit ($193 USD). Designed by Tenzin Phuntsok and Kalden Chophel, this is the highlight of the entire collection for me.

I will definitely be buying a couple more of the Flowers of Poise bead, as it is quite magical. I love all the different colours in the flower.

Another bead in this kit is Golden Foilage, which appears to have shiny silver at its core.

Birds of Joy is very sweet and really well made.

There is another bird and it has a hint of a deep eggplant colour. It’s called Birds of Freedom.

Golden Poppies makes me think of candy corn which is often seen at Hallowe’en.

Lastly, Flowers of Passion is also very striking.

Colour wise this is an extremely cohesive kit. You can throw together any few beads from it and it will look great.

Trollbeads is also expanding their line of small, round gemstones ($50 USD) with this collection. Interestingly, I’ve not seen too many people using the summer Go Round stones on social media very much, although that is maybe not indicative of their popularity since not everyone is posting their bracelets on social media, just a select group of obsessed people like me!

Below left to right are the Round Amethyst, Round Black Onyx, Round Garnet, Round Red Onyx and Round Tiger Eye.

The Black Onyx is going to be super useful but look at that Tiger Eye and Red Onyx!

Here is every single round stone that Trollbeads now makes.

A week or so after I took this photo my husband cut this branch right off the tree! It was getting too low and close to the neighbour’s car, but jeez, I used it all the time for photos! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Another piece I wanted to show is the darling little Flower Wreath ($28 USD), designed by Søren Nielsen.

It is really delicate and petite and looks awesome stacked as a pair in between the gold spacers. On the bangle in front is another new silver bead called Leaves of Grace ($39 USD), also designed by Søren Nielsen.

The Flower Wreath also looks adorable as a single bead.

Or, you can use two to frame a bead as I did here.

Lastly for today, let’s take a look at one of the new locks, called Lock of Leaves. ($72 USD) Also take note of the Framed by Nature silver piece ($50 USD). It is sitting up front, with the Round Red Onyx in it.

I’ll end off with a few more photos, but please do let me know what you think of what you’ve seen!

Oh yes, two more things! Check out the fabulous different sections of the Get Spooky bead ($61 USD) designed by Nozomi Kaji. I’m going to do another blog post next month with a Hallowe’en focus, but I think this might be a bead to pick up sooner rather than later. I have it on good word that the workmanship on this bead is absolutely outstanding!

Here also is the Daydream Kit, but I’m going to delve into this one at a later date.

Disclosure: All of these beads from the Autumn 2019 Collection were provided as samples by Trollbeads USA.