This blog post contains product samples as well as purchased items.

There are some new True Beadz on the website and I have a few to show today. Also, I bought a couple more beads from the recent MTO (made to order) option and I’ve really been enjoying them. New to the website is the Neverland silver bead, which looks wonderful on a bangle. I really like this size, as it’s not too small as to get lost, but it’s also not too big as to be overwhelming. It’s interesting how one’s tastes change over the years. I’ve been doing this blog for over 5 years now, and used to wear a full bracelet all the time. Now, I prefer to wear just one bangle, usually with 3-5 beads on it. I’d be interested to hear if other people’s bracelet design habits have changed over the years.

Here’s the Neverland bead in a simple, understated look.

Another new silver bead around the same size is called Little Brother. I love the steampunk design! It’s reminiscent of the Smiley bead from Perlen (the teeth are so funny on that one). In the picture below, Little Brother is on the top, then Smiley is in the middle with 20,000 Leagues LE being on the bottom.

With the Neverland and Little Brother beads being similar in size, I thought I’d try them in a bangle together. In the middle is another new silver bead called Triskelion.

Here are the three new silver beads alongside the MTO Mythology Pendant.

There was another MTO and that was Morning Dew. How lovely it is with a pearl!

The Morning Dew with purple glass (Amethyst colour) is stunning.

I’ve got to say that these MTO options are so tantalizing. If I was loaded I’d be ordering them in every colour. Here are the Lilac beads with Silver Flakes that I bought. So pretty!

Lastly, I have some pictures using the beads Julia sent that are made of dichroic glass. I just wanted to showcase the beauty of these beads. Goodness knows we need some beauty and good news in our lives these days. I’d rather think about pretty things than think about the kid who was going around flossing other kids’ teeth on the kinder playground today. LOL!!!!!!

So, do let me know if you got some beads in the recent MTO offering or if you like the look of these new silver beads. Personally, I really like the size and shape of the Neverland and Little Brother beads. I could also picture them in multiples on a leather bracelet. Hope everyone is doing well these days!