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When Moress asked if I’d like to choose a few pieces from their Easter Collection, I was immediately intrigued by their spinning beads that could be worn on a bracelet, as well as on X Jewellery. I’ve been a big fan of X links since they first came out as X by Trollbeads, years ago. I’ve kept up with buying a couple of pieces a year, so have a good selection of bracelets by now, as the rubber links are quite inexpensive. When Moress started carrying and promoting the line, it gave the links a renewed visibility on social media. Last summer, we had been thinking about visiting Thailand and I thought it would be fun to see Moress and OHM in stores in Bangkok. Alas, that wasn’t to be, but I do enjoy seeing the displays virtually.

This piece is called Spinning Sakura Flower and it really does spin! Actually, both layers of the flowers spin. The little bird is super sweet!

When it is on the X Links, it hangs a bit like a dangle and that is how I enjoyed wearing it yesterday.

But, you can also put it on a bracelet or bangle. It’s interesting to see such a versatile piece. The nature of the piece means it is going to hang down, unless you snug it up in between a couple of beads. It works really well with smaller glass beads such as these Trollbeads prisms.

Previously, Moress had sent me an amazing piece that they made with X Jewellery, called Elephant Silver Double Link. It’s exclusive to Thailand and I must say it’s one of the best X Links I’ve ever seen.

Another piece I have that is also from the Moress Heritage Collection is called Save Elephant Bead and it is like three beads attached to each other. It’s at the top of this stack.

To get back on track to Easter beads, let’s look at the delightful Unicorn Bunny Opal. I chose it because the little girls in my class love unicorns and I will be sure to wear this to show them tomorrow.

The little bunny has such a sweet smile and I like the tiny enamelled accents.

There’s even a little happy face on the back!

The spotted glass beads are also from Moress. I’ll be happy to bring these out to use next Easter.

That’s it for today! What a delight it was that these beads arrived on Easter Sunday (via DHL). I am continually impressed by the quality of Moress’ silver pieces and look forward to seeing what they come out with next!