This blog posts contains product samples as well as purchased items.

Nothing new to see here, but I finally finished my permanent Flowers of the Month bracelet and thought some people who are new to Trollbeads might like to see it. Inspired by Laura (@evepink123) on Instagram, I really wanted to have a bracelet with all 12 flowers. The added pearls give it such an elegant look! Too bad I don’t have anywhere nice to go these days, ha ha ha! Fortunately we only use washable paint and glue at school, so I will wear it to work and clean it if necessary.

Each flower has a pearl and sometimes they are tucked away into a hidden place. Perhaps the most popular piece is the Rose of June and recently it inspired a ring to be added to the Trollbeads collection. Almost all the beads are designed by Søren Nielsen, just a couple of them are not. They are designed by Aagaard family members.

One of the beads I just got last week is a new favourite, called Bindweed of September, below left. We have a LOT of bindweed in our back and front yards and it’s a real nuisance. However, the white flowers that appear are rather sweet and I adore the silver version! The one on the right is called Poppies of August. All of these Flowers of the Month beads are currently priced at $61 USD, which is quite reasonable, I think. The beads can be properly seen individually at I went to the Materials section and clicked on Pearl to find them all in one spot.

I also really like the leaf part of Violet of February.

Another flower that I’ve had for a few years (I think these came out in 2013) is Water Lillies of July. It’s below on the left.

Check out these two on the end. On the left is Buckthorn of May and on the right is Calendula of October.

What I really like about these pieces is how they are interesting to look at all around, not just at the front. They are truly like small sculptures. This is the Daffodil of March below. If you look at the beads on the website you can see see them from different angles.

I also bought a pair of the sweet, tiny Hydrangea silver beads. They are so darling. I haven’t used them yet, but here is one close up.

Well, that’s all for today. As I said, there’s nothing new here but I was so excited at having a completed bracelet. With Pandora, I keep most of my bracelets made up because it’s such a pain to twist the beads around and around the threads. For all my other beads, I keep them loose so I can mix and match. Now I have two permanent Trollbeads bracelets, this one and my small silvers one.

For my Canadian readers, did you notice that now Trollbeads will have a dedicated Canadian website and the beads will ship out of Montreal? Years ago they were shipped out of the Toronto area, then they moved to New Jersey and now they are back to Canada.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend everyone! Do let me know if you collect these sweet beads!